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We appreciate everyones assistance in providing us with information on new contacts, updated contact info, and outdated information we have posted that needs to be removed. Please email us with any information. Thank you!

Call Disney

Disney Phone Numbers

Call The Walt Disney Company
(818) 560-1000

Call The Disney Switchboard -Toll Free
(818) 560-1000

Call Disney Channel, Attn: Viewer Requests/Programing
(818) 569-7711

Call Sarah Shelton, Assistant to Gary Marsh
(818) 569-7784

Call Cheryl Dawson, Assistant to Lisa Salamone
(818) 560-0246

Call Mary Kramer, Assistant to Lisa Salamone
(818) 560-1312

Call Olivia Stafford, Assistant to Jewell Engstrom
(818) 569-7773 (tieline 8226)

Call David Levine, Vice President, Programming and General Manager of Disney XD
(818) 569-5958

Call Joanne Martino, Assistant to Jim Fielding
(818) 544-0018

Call Karen Hobson, Digital Media Communications Office, Disney-ABC Television Group
(818) 569-7789 / (818) 359-3583

Call Mark Alsbury, Assistant to Karen Hobson
(818) 569-5015

Call Nicole Nichols, Senior VP of Entertainment Communications, Disney-ABC Television Group
(818) 460-5267

Call Sonia Koo, Assistant to Nicole Nichols
(818) 460-6689

Call Lauren Okayama, Assistant to Annie Fort
(818) 973-2193

Call Jennifer Verti, ABC Family Media Relations
(818) 973-2164

Call Kim Harbin, Buena Vista Media Relations
(818) 460-5066

Call Kara Rousseau, VP of Ad Sales Marketing for Disney ABC Kids Networks
(917) 912-5619

Call Marcy Zickerman, Assistant to Kara Rousseau
(212) 782-0625

Call Erin Wilson, Assistant to Kara Rousseau
(212) 782-0638

Call Kerry Kiang, Assistant to Kara Rousseau
(212) 782-0604

Call Tricia Dunn, Assistant to Kara Rousseau
(212) 782-0661

Call ABC Broadcasting
(818) 460-7271

Call Chris Bess, Buena Vista Home Entertainment
(818) 295-5279

Call Radio Disney
(888) 327-7018

Call Robin Agranoff, Disney Channel Programing
(818) 569-4811

Call Tracia Ord, Disney Channel Programing
(818) 955-6795

Call David Levince , JETIX Programming
(818) 569-5958

Call Hope Hartman, ABC Prime Time Programing
(818) 460-6360

Call ABC Networks Programing
(818) 460-7477 / (818) 569-3302

Call Zenia Mucha
(818) 560-5300

Call David Caouette
(818) 560-8543

Call Unknown
(818) 569-7500

Call Unknown
(818) 560-1811

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