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Kim Possible Boxsets

In order to preserve Kim's legacy it's important that the fans have copies of the episodes on DVD. The show is still airing on DC (although, not as much as some people would like, see SKP's Scheduling Concerns Section), but it won't be shown for ever. Lizzie McGuire & Even Stevens have been completely pulled from DC already, and obviously KP doesn't have more than a couple years left on the channel. Without box sets, the show can never find new fans after that point and the series will fade away. We can't let that happen!

The Disney Company already releases box sets for ABC shows, so they recognize that selling currently airing shows on DVD can be profitable. And they're released many older DC shows (like TaleSpin and Darkwing Duck) on DVD. You can see many of these box sets in our shopping section. Disney has also released a box set for Lizzie McGuire, but didn't release a second volume reportedly due to poor sales.

Which brings us back to our mission, to show Disney that there is a market for KP boxsets and that enough people can and will buy them for the effort to be worthwhile.

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